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  • Adam Horwitz

    Adam Horwitz is an up and coming Entrepreneur who started as a sophomore in high school. He's been able to build some popular courses such as Tycoon CashFlow and now, Mobile Monopoly. At the age of 20, he has a solid online income and is definitely living the online marketer's lifestyle. Keep an eye out on this guy. He offers valuable information and has given the IM community some fantastic ideas.
  • Chris Cobb

    Chris Cobb has established himself as a leader in the realm of CPA (cost per action or cost per acquisition marketing) Even though he made 191,000+ dollars over the last 2 years in clickbank, he turned his back and pursued something that promised much more income... CPA networks. Through his strategic marketing ability, he quickly rose to the top to become a sought after CPA guru.
  • Frank Kern

    Frank Kern is a master of persuasion. when Frank talks, everyone listens. He has helped thousands of people make a boatload of money on the internet. He spear headed 3 product launches which made 23 million dollars in less than 24 hours! Does that sound like a slacker surfer dude to you? No. It sounds like a marketing genius to me. He is a master at niche marketing and has accumulated massive wealth in his niches. Enough that he doesn't even need to promote any more. But, he still does. He loves what he's doing and wants to help others succeed. That's the kind of guy Frank Kern is and it shows through in his marketing.
  • George Brown

    George Brown is known in the IM circle as the traffic king. At the age of 19, he has been an affiliate rockstar and create of the courses, Google Sniper, Traffic Ultimatum and Now Traffic Siphon. His methods of teaching are simple and concise, making his following, it works!
  • Kieran Gill

    Kieran Gill is a top affiliate marketer who has been on the top of many of the "gurus" JV lists. He then launched a product of his own called 9to5 Annihilation which is still currently making sales. His newest product, Auto Traffic Avalanche is making a huge splash. Read the review to find out more.
  • Mark Ling

    Mark Ling is known around the IM niche as a prominent affiliate marketer and teacher. His site Affiliorama has helped thousands of people who want to become affiliate marketers. His methods and tactics for affiliate marketing are foundational for anyone looking to get into the field.
  • Mike Filsaime

    Among Internet Marketers, Mike Filsaime is an iconic guru. His Butterfly Marketing Tactics have created avalanches of income not only for him, but for his cult following. Mike is an established lecturer, software developer, author, and extremely smart business man.
  • Russell Brunson

    Russell Brunson has been internet marketing for several years. A state champion wrestler, he has always faced challenges head on and now a premier online entrepeneur. He has successfully coached thousands of people in his DotCom Secrets Teleseminar and Home Study Course.
  • SEO Power Suite

    Seo Power Suite is a powerful Seo software that has been at the top of the market since it was created. It's diversity of seo tools ranges from rank checking to keyword analysis and checking out your competitors backlinks.