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Product: Chris Cobb’s CPA Arbitrage Course

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When Chris started in the internet marketing arena 3 years ago, he had nothing to his name and was literally 43,000 pounds in debt. Out of this struggle came in my opinion Chris’s best product: CPA Arbitrage. So what is it?

On April 29th, 2009 an explosion happened and CPA Arbitrage quickly rose to the top of Clickbank It’s premise is to teach entrepeneurs, business owners, opportunity seekers and people wanting to make money online how to earn 300%+ pure profit by becoming a traffic broker essentially. This is someone who gets leads from one place and sells them to advertisers who pay top dollar for that lead.

In this manual, Chris reveals the top 5 best networks that he uses out of the hundreds. Actually he even gives you a list of a hundred different CPA networks that you can apply for. He also goes on to explain why this method of affiliate marketing is far more superior than any other type of affiliate marketing.

CPA Arbitrage gives a good blueprint of how to get started as a publisher and as an advertiser. He shows how becoming both is where you can make huge profits.

Chris believes that this is a new, unheard of method of making a 5, 6, 7 figure income simply by using the hundreds of CPA networks on the internet.


Chris Cobb has definitely started a trend with his CPA Arbitrage book. CPA is lucrative if you are persistent and creative but newbies beware- it’s not as easy as Chris makes it look. Be sure that you read CPA Arbitrage a couple times through to get a good understanding of his system before you give it a try.

Being a man of lifestyle, Chris boasts working a couple hours a week at home so that he can travel and just have the freedom to do what he wants to do. This draws crowds of people who desire working part time to earn a 6 figure income. Anyway, Who wouldn’t want to hang out at the beach instead of working? :-)

Reader Comments
  • Great Review. Chris is a good guy.

  • It’s a very popular way to sell something showing the beautiful lifestyle people CAN live.It, definitely,doesn’t mean WILL.
    How many time I was biting the hook! OMG!
    I was feeling myself so close to this mansions, Porches, Rolls-Royces, etc, and was paying, paying, paying, paying…
    Till at some day decided to stop this insanity.
    I am glad Chris found his way to make money. Would I him, I kept doing what he is doing and never tried to sell his stuff to anybody.
    Why to waste your time and make $29/mo from every customer if you are making Millions?
    No sense!

  • I agree we are all chasing the dream and i am almost there with my own work, but $29 a month from quite a few people can add up! As for half the millionaires we read about i am not sure!

  • Bob I think what this is is an idea which you can use with other stuff . I thought the price was 79.99?

  • This looks like a pretty solid course, will check it out

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