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Product: Mark Ling’s AffiloJetPack

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Super Affiliate Mark Ling, creator of has now created an all-in-one done for you program called AffiloJetPack. He boasts that it is for everyone, from beginner to the most advanced marketers. Affilo Jet Pack, in a nutshell, is a collection of super high quality, already done for you websites that you can use however you want. Having paid over 100,000 dollars to create the content and sites, I sure would hope that they’d be top of the line!! But in a sense, this is a good thing because you know that you will be getting quality. This program can be broken down into parts

These are the 8 basic parts:

You are given 5 out of 10 niches that they have picked out especially for you. Since people hem and haw about which niche to be in, Mark has chosen some of the most lucrative niches to give you.

90 newsletters to give to your list!! Yes, I didn’t make a mistake!! To me, that is worth it’s weight in gold. Mark boasts that these are so well written that he’d send them to his own list. These newsletters are per niche… that’s alot of newsletters and equates to a years worth of content.

3 extra ebooks per niche that you can use to give away as freebies, or as bonuses for people who purchase from you.

1 year of hosting on their servers along with a custom created easy to use Word Press Theme that anyone can modify and change.

Professional done header graphics and the ability to change colors so that there is less chance of sites looking the same.

20 articles that you can use on your website or where ever you choose.

Of course, Mark has special AffiloJetPack traffic generation training. He would never leave you hanging.

Now, let’s multiply everything by 5x since you get all of this for every niche that they choose for you!


Mark has once again outdone himself. If you are a “lazy” internet marketer or a newbie, then this product is for you. Top notch material, tons of content to help you succeed, and the potential to make your money back 10 fold is definitely a big draw to Affilo Jet Pack. If you’d like to order your copy of Mark’s course, then click here.

Reader Comments
  • Hi Brad,

    Thanks so much for your honest evaluation!
    I “am” a bit concerned about the time factor here. So my questions is….
    Is there a “quick-start” plan at all?

    I thought I read somewhere, maybe Mark Ling stated this, not sure, that you could be up and running something in 48 hours?

    So now that is a far stretch from 26 weeks?

    In your opinion, would it be possible to get something working to bring in a moderate income, and what income would you guesstimate that would be? And what time-frame is realistic for that income, being conservative here, and also, for example, in my case I would also need to learn all about how to use your products Brad, which is certainly going to take up time.

    Which raises another few questions, namely, to be somewhat proficient using SEO Elite, and Keyword Elite, as a complete newbie, what do you think we are adding here to being able to get any income coming in?

    Thanks so much for you great bonuses and for you response. I read your entire story on your blog and how you got started and found it spellbinding and so honest, LOVED IT!

    I would like to apply for the job you got paid for doing nothing at, if you could shoot me their phone number:) But I was more impressed with by the way you attacked to 2 huge binders! And by the way you did not stop and were resourceful enough to use others’ to implement your ideas (I tend to think I have to do it all myself) and I seem to get overwhelmed too easily and find a classroom setting so much more powerful because I get totally frustrated when my questions keep building up in my head and they do not get addressed. I personally have so much to learn and feel intimidated for many reasons, such as not growing-up using a computer, not getting here when it was easier to make money, and on and on. And I feel I can safely say at this time, that the “ONLY THING THAT WILL MOTIVATE AND LIGHT A FIRE UNDER ME IS SOME INCOME” and I find it takes way too long, at least for me, to make this happen. I can’t see wasting money until you have a great majority of your i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Of course it would be easier with a huge bankroll.

    So this is why my all important question is “how long” to see “how much money”, and is there any quick way to just get any money coming in with this course? It will be so much easier to go back and fill in the vast amount of knowledge if you are staring to see results, in my opinion.

    And one other thing, I think I read that Mark gives a full year of hosting for free, and I am wondering if this is on his server, or on someplace like Host Gator where we have out own individual account, and I would guess we could move whatever is created to our own hosting account, if we so choose?

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to dialogue about this!


  • Hello Ellen, Thanks! Yeah, so to answer your question about the time, that was actually a typo on our end and I just fixed it myself. Oops.

    Regarding SEO Elite and KE etc, what I would definitely suggest doing is starting with my free SEO course here: . It takes you from step 1 and teaches you the important things you’ll need to know to get a website up and ranked highly in Google. It will teach you stuff that you’ll need to know if you want to use our software to its fullest.

    Yeah, that job was AWESOME. Look up Omnisource. That’s where I worked doing nothing :-)

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